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Main Features:
Xiaomi 5V 2A 10400mAh Power Bank Portable External Battery Charger for Smartphone Tablet
High capacity and high compatible
Durable, light weight, ultra slim design
Powerful with long operation time
Electricity-saving function
User friendly, long cycle life and rapid charge
Environmental friendliness and economic efficiency
Capacity: 10400mAh
Cell-type: Li-ion battery
Input: DC 5V
Output: DC 5V
Compatible with: Mobile phones, digital camera, MP3/MP4, PSP, NDS, most digital devices charged via USB port
Product weight: 250g
Product size ( L x W x H ): 90.5 x 77 x 21.6mm

How to identify fake Xiaomi Power Banks

Now, we will teach you how to differentiate genuine Xiaomi power banks from counterfeit ones.


Packaging - Genuine Xiaomi power banks come in two types of packaging. Type 1 - Directly packaged into white cardboard boxes.
Type 2 - Packaged into a white envelope with a hard plastic cover over it. Most counterfeit Xiaomi power
banks in the makes use the latter packaging type, we can very easily tell whether or not a Xiaomi power bank
is a fake by inspecting the white envelope. Genuine Xiaomi power banks come with a white envelope that is made from a
special material, it feels delicate and does not tear easily.
Counterfeit Xiaomi power banks come with a white envelope made from normal paper, it doesn't feel as good and can be very easily torn.

In terms of the exterior of the power bank, the genuine product's casing is sandblasted evenly with a carefully crafted MI logo.
The counterfeit product's casing is not properly sandblasted and the MI logo's craftsmanship is mediocre.

In terms of the USB female ports, the interior of both ports on the genuine product is of rice white color.
As for the counterfeit product, the two ports are either of different colors or are just plain white color.
In terms of the LED lights, LED lights are of even color on the genuine product due to a sheet of white shading paper.
No shading paper is found on the counterfeit product, so the LED lights are not of even color as the beam of light just shines out directly.

We can also differentiate genuine and counterfeit Xiaomi power banks from the text printed at the bottom of the product.
The genuine product's print is lighter and clear. The counterfeit's product print is darker and blurry.

As for the difference in the USB cables. The genuine cable has a black interior in the USB port and does not have a imprinted MI logo.
The counterfeit cable has a white interior in the USB port and has a imprinted MI logo.


There is also noticeable difference in terms of function between the real and fake Xiaomi power banks.
When charging all four LED lights on the genuine product turn off when the power button is pressed and held on.
They light up again when the button is released. It then returns to charging. Nothing happens to the LED lights on the
counterfeit product as the power button is pressed, held on and subsequently released.

There is also noticeable difference when charging devices using the counterfeit and genuine product.
The genuine product immediately starts charging the device when connected.
The counterfeit product does not have this function and nothing happens when the phone is connected to the power bank.
You need to press the power button to initiate the charge.

Next, we'll look at the short circuit of the I/O ports on the genuine and counterfeit power banks.
LED lights do not light up on the genuine product when it is short circuited.
LED lights on the counterfeit power bank will light up and show that it is charging.

Internal Structure

There is an even greater difference after disassembling the genuine and take power banks. The genuine product uses LG,
Samsung and other internationally branded batteries. The batteries is connected to the
motherboard using nickel plates. Counterfeit Xiaomi power banks use China-branded or counterfeit brands' batteries.
The batteries and motherboard are connected via normal wires.

Internal Structure

Apart from using methods such as inspecting the exterior and functions to verify the power bank's authenticity,
the simplest method is inspecting the anti-counterfeit label.
Every genuine Xiaomi power bank will have this label on the box packaging.
Scratch the coating and verify the authenticity of your product by entering it into Xiaomi's official website.


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