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P7500 N10 Allwinner A10 10.1 inch HD Capacitive Screen Android4.0 Tablet with Bluetooth

P7500 N10 Allwinner A10 10.1 inch HD Capacitive Screen Android4.0 Tablet with Bluetooth

  • Number: CEMSN10

    Status: Sold out

  • Preis:€136.99
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P7500 N10 Allwinner A10 10.1 inch HD Capacitive Screen Android4.0 Tablet with BluetoothP7500 N10 Allwinner A10 10.1 inch HD Capacitive Screen Android4.0 Tablet with BluetoothP7500 N10 Allwinner A10 10.1 inch HD Capacitive Screen Android4.0 Tablet with Bluetooth


P7500 N10 Allwinner A10 10.1 inch HD Capacitive Screen Android4.0 Tablet with BluetoothOS
The modern oneAndroid 4.0 Betriebssystemgives the user a fast, adaptable and user-friendly interface. Custom desktop design with widgets, the latest voice control, an improved lockscreen or control of your data consumption, as well as Google Now, the new powerful and personalized search assistant. An all-round versatile as well as fast operating system.

P7500 N10 Allwinner A10 10.1 inch HD Capacitive Screen Android4.0 Tablet with BluetoothDisplay
Das Handy verfügt über einen 10.1 inchesLarge multi-touch screen with resolution1280 x 800.A very high resolution with simultaneous compactness so that you do not have to do without this gadget in any living situation. Intuitive operation thanks to the capacitive multitouch display. Sharpness and brilliance in all tasks, such as surfing the Internet, watching videos or playing 3D games.

P7500 N10 Allwinner A10 10.1 inch HD Capacitive Screen Android4.0 Tablet with Bluetoothprocessor
Of theAllwinner_A10Is the firstSingle-coreProcessor from MediaTek, one of the world's leading manufacturers of electronic chips. Four Cortex-A7 processors on a 28nm basis with a frequency of respectively1.0 GHz. Especially for its speed and power-saving features, the A7 architecture stands out. As graphics chip the GPU PowerVR SGX 544 is used. DX9, SM3.0, OpenGL 2.0, TBR and H.264 HD decoding are standard.
In this combination, you will not find an application that could become a problem so quickly. An extremely powerful duo.

P7500 N10 Allwinner A10 10.1 inch HD Capacitive Screen Android4.0 Tablet with BluetoothWifi
Surfing byWifi ist auf öffentlichen Plätzen einfach und selbstverständlich geworden. Für viele Nutzer gehört das kabellose Internet heute genauso zum Alltag wie E-Mail oder Handy.

CPU Allwinner_A10
hard disk16 GB
operating systemAndroid 4.0
memory expansionMax. 32 GB
Frequenz 1GHz
USB interfaceOTGUSB
Video InterfaceMINI HDMI
Audio - interface3.5 mm standard headphone jack OMTP
Camera on the back2 MP
front of the camera2 MP
Multi-touch Ten points
GPS nicht unterstützt
3G external 3G / UMTS support
Ethernet External RJ45
Wireless Internet accessYes
resolution1280 x 800
Bildschirm-Verhältnis 16:9
size10.1 inchIPS
Touch panelCapacitive touch-Screen
languagesSimplified Chinese, Traditional, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Polish, Czech and other languages
Abmesserung270mm * 171mm * 10mm
Shipping weight1500g
keysPOWER x 1, volume x 1, volume + x 1
battery pack
Battery Capacity7000mAH
Battery life6-8 hours
Additional function
readingSupport for changing the font, font color, background color, bookmarks
Photo browserMax.8000x8000 JPEG BMP GIF PNG
Send-Funktion Linke und rechte Kanäle setzen
unterstützende Format Max.1920 * 1080 MKV (H.264 HP) AVI RM / RMVB FLV WMV9 MP4
PlayabilityAutomatische Skalierung und Regulierung, keine Farb-und ruckelfreie Wiedergabe, HD-Wiedergabe
Video-Ausgang HDMI 720p bis 1080p Full HD-Ausgang und gewöhnliche Video-Ausgang (AV-Ausgang)
unterstützende Format MP3/WMA/APE/FLAC/AAC/OGG/AC3/WAV
Signal-Rauschabstand mehr als 90dB
Recording functionMP3, WMA recording formats
otherLRC Lyrics, ID3 search folder, self-defined audio
NET function
browserOpera, UCWeb, SkyFile, Dolphin, a variety of browsers to choose from
Online entertainmentOnline-Video, Fernsehen, Filme, Musik, Radio unterstützt
Spiele Built-in 3D acceleration, the perfect support for games with 3D effect
ductilityAndiod Market

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  • sven:

    Wo ist der unterschied zum VDCEMSN10 ? und bezahle ich bis auf den Kaufpreis Versand kosten noch irgendwelche Kosten (Zoll etc ) ?

    Reply Efox:

    Good day! Thank you very much for your email.
    CEMSN10 wird aus China gesandt. VD CEMSN10 wird aus Deutschland gesandt.
    We have two halls. They are in Germany and China.
    aus China:
    If you use with DHL, about 7-10 days you can get the goods. If you use EMS, it takes about 15 days. If you are using China Post, takes about 3-5 weeks. You can choose the way of delivery according to time. After you have purchased the insurance, we can bear the full customs fees.
    from Germany:
    The transport takes 3 to 5 days. There are no shipping costs and customs fees.
    Aus dem Titel des Produktes können Sie sehen, ob es aus Deutschland geliefert wird.
    If it is shipped from Germany, the title is mostly with the words \"free shipping from DE\" and so on.
    If you have any questions od. Have a problem, please let us know.
    Best regards
    Ihr Efox-Shop Team

    January-4/2013, 2:33:47

  • Suzanne:

    Gehört die Niederlandische sprache auch bei "andere Sprachen"?

    Reply Efox:

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    thank you for your email.
    The tablet supports the Dutch language.
    Für weitere Fragen und Wünschen stehen wir Ihnen jederzeit gerne zur Verfügung.
    Best regards
    Your eFox team

    December-27/2012, 23:09:19

  • Joachim:

    Hallo, kann ich die Tasche für CEMSN 10 sehen oder kann ich MALT 1 dazu nehmen? MfG J.Förster

    Reply Efox:

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    MALT 1 ist passend für das Gerät.

    August-24/2012, 2:54:13

  • wuguoping:

    This item is shipped from Germany and is postage-free. Is that correct?

    Reply Efox:

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    I wanted to inform you that the device from China is delivered.VDCEMSN10 is shipped from DE.
    I am looking forward to your soonest order.

    August-23/2012, 1:27:16

  • patrick:

    works also with handy card

    Reply Efox:

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    Es unterstürzt keine handy SIM karte.
    We ask for your understanding.

    August-8/2012, 21:00:06


    Also works an Internet surfstick with the device

    Reply Efox:

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    Es unterstürzt externe Surfstick.

    July-29/2012, 7:22:24

  • Hüseyin:

    Hat das P7500 Sanei N10 nun Bluetooth oder nicht? In der Artikelbezeichnung steht mit Bluetooth und in der Konfiguration steht ohne Bluetooth.

    Reply Efox:

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    I would like to rash them that the device has no Bluetooth.
    We ask for your understanding.

    July-20/2012, 22:39:23

  • Holger:

    Do you provide the new version with aluminum frames?

    Reply Efox:

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    We do not deliver the new version with Alirahmen.
    We ask for your understanding.

    July-20/2012, 20:01:17


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