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Revised camera in Android 4.3 & white nexus 4 on the 10th. June

Already in advance it was known that Google will not use the I / O for new hardware (except the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition, which will be available only in the US). At the same time, however, a white Nexus 4 is dubbed, which is also somehow officially (then directly with Android 4.3) will be presented. As a suitable date here is the 10th June acted - not without reason, Google should have chosen this date, since also on this day the WWDC from Apple begins and one can reckon with a revised iOS 7.

To the innovations of Android 4.3 was already however on the Google I / O in a corresponding session to hear out, among other things, the graphics performance has been optimized on the screen in particular by more complex applications with many identical objects. For this, the apps do not even have to be specially adapted by the developers, since context conversions, for example, between texts and images on the graphics card are simply avoided during compositing and several objects are grouped together. The changes to the user interface are similar, but the ring menu appears on the floor-camera-App have been so far adapted, that now no ring but only a semicircle above the thumb is displayed and thus the menu points no longer disappear under the thumb.
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