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Syrian activists hack Twitter account and Android apps from Sky

The Syrian Electronic Army hacked the Android apps and a Twitter account of the British pay-TV broadcaster Sky. Obviously the followers of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad managed to bring the developer access to the Google Play Store under control. The hackers have provided the Sky apps with their own logo and then placed a fake tweet under the Sky Support account. They ask users to uninstall all Sky apps.

As a spokesman for CNET UK confirmed, the tweet is a fake. It has to be the channel, that his apps were hacked and they were no longer available on Google Play. Previous users of apps would not have to uninstall them, because they are not affected by the attack .

Sky is the youngest victim of the Syrian Electronic Army, in the past few weeks Twitter-Accounts of media companies like BBC, Guardian and Associated Press, in order to spread its political messages. At the end of April, Twitter media companies had warned about impending attacks by the Syrian activists. The method, according to Twitter, is always the same: The hackers send targeted prepared, credible mail with links to an infected site to the Twitter-the companies responsible. before a few days ago , I think this is why, Twitter the two-factor-authentication introduced. However, safety specialists have already been able to eliminate them.

In 2011, the Syrian Electronic Army first became a documentary. Among their first victims were the American National Public Radio (NPR) and FIFA-President Sepp Blatter.
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