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Pen turns Wacom's graphic tablet into a drawing board

Exempt people with blown hair on photos, so \"cut\"? Turn reflective surfaces into dull structures? This works well with the mouse, but with the Wacom Cintiq 13HD the test was much more accurate and much faster.
the 13 customs ( 33, 78 centimeters) large Cintiq is no ordinary Windows - OderAndroid tablet: It shows exactly the contents of a connected PC-Monitors, such as an image opened with Photoshop. It can also be used as a second monitor for an enlarged work surface.
Disadvantage: You must then fromtablet pcon the screen out- and jump - like when you need to confirm a message from a program like Photoshop.
Precise Screen
The display shows photos and graphics in Full HD with 1920x1080 Bildpunkten. For example, to perform color corrections in an image area, the user uses the supplied pen.
In the test, the display changed the input extremely precisely - and only this. Landed accidentally the palm of the screen, was it not: good !
Cunning pencil
Best: Together with the pen Wacom delivers ten essays for the pen. For example, for thick or thin lines. And the pen also determines how strong the user is on thecheap tablet pcpresses. So you can also create strong and fine lines.
According to the manufacturer determined the pin up to 2048 pressure levels. And anyone who has recorded turns the pen over: the top serves as an eraser.
literature and drawings
The tablet can also be used to create fonts or draw drawings using Illustrator. as the work on a piece of paper: Unlike the drawing with the mouse, the Cintiq brings natural hand movements faithfully to the screen.
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