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Sony Xperia SP review

Sony Xperia SP Test: balancing between middle class and high end
Mit dem Xperia SP versucht der japanische Hersteller Sony, den goldenen Mittelweg zwischen Mittel- und Oberklasse zu finden. Das Smartphone bringt mit LTE-Unterstützung und einem 720p-Display Features mit, die in der Preisklasse von unter 400 Euro nicht alltäglich sind. Wir haben das Sony Xperia SP im Test genauer unter die Lupe genommen.
Design, workmanship and display
The Sony Xperia SP in the test is in a matte, in our case, black plastic housing with an aluminum frame. Sony also offers the phone in red and white. With a thickness of just under 1 centimeter and a weight of 155 grams, the smartphone from Japan is neither very light nor thin, but looks stable and high quality and fits well in the hand. The material does not make a cheap impression, only the rear cover is a bit thin. The surround of the camera lens protrudes slightly from the back. At the bottom, the designers were allowed to let off steam: A wide strip of transparent Plexiglas was installed here, which is illuminated with the help of LEDs with changing colors. The element serves among other things as a status indicator and is quite an eye-catcher. Striking is also the silver, round power button on the side, the new Xperia models all have on board. All buttons on the Sony Xperia SP are easy to operate, do not wobble and have a long-lasting effect.
The display of the Xperia SP is already one of the larger in the upper middle class with its 4.6-inch, the resolution is 1280 x 720 pixels, the pixel density is good 319 PPI. Scratch a layer protects Gorilla glass. The appearance of the touch screen equipped with the BRAVIA Engine 2 by Sony is balanced, colors are clear and naturally reproduced, the contrasts are sharp. Viewing angles and brightness could be better. In everyday life is that the screen of the Sony Xperia SP is very receptive to grease stains and daubs, your Smartphone must be made clean constantly on the pants, the shirt or with a cleaning cloth. Stretching the nerves of the user in the long run.
Music, camera and video
When it comes to music playback, the Soyn Xperia SP is really fun in the test. The Walkman app that Sony installs here is easy to use and, in addition to an equalizer, also has numerous presets for various styles of music. A special gimmick: The LED in the transparent bar at the bottom of the mobile phone can be used as a music-clock display and thus serves as a mobile light show for the trouser pocket - Of course, actually unnecessary, but quite nice. Much more important is the sound, and here the Sony Xperia SP can convince. The internal speaker is not particularly loud, but has a balanced sound. With a proper headset, the sound is very good on the phone's phone jack, as a music player on the go so the Xperia SP is basically good. However, you should not expect any miracles from the included headset; it is particularly comfortable in the ear and offers a more than average sound.
Of the 8 gigabytes of internal memory, however, are only 5.5 gigabytes for music. Videos, apps & co., So that large media libraries must be stored on a memory card. The Xperia SP also has an FM radio.
The main camera at the back of the Sony Xperia SP has according to manufacturer a resolution of 8 megapixels, according to camera app but are only a maximum of 7 megapixels (3,104 x 2,328 pixels, 4: 3) possible, the default setting is even only 5 megapixels 3.104 x 1.746 pixels, 16: 9). First of all, the app has to be started, and the Sony.Handy approves for more than a second. Also the operation should be brighter, while the focusing needs the Xperia SP also somewhat longer than necessary. Practically the real trigger is at the side. The camera can also be started quickly when the camera is pressed for a longer period of time.
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