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Next iPhone will be built by rival Pegatron

According to a report, the US electronics giant Apple is withdrawing from its long-time supplier Foxconn: Apple will have its planned cheap iPhone, which is to come to the stores later this year, from the Foxconn competitor Pegatron finished, reported the "Wall Street Journal" on the Wednesday in his online edition. Pegatron has its headquarters as Foxconn in Taiwan, but also has a lot to produce in China.
It was "strategic reasons" that Apple from the Foxconn group Hon Hai to Pegatron drifted, quoted the newspaper "Initiates". Apple CEO Tim Cook wants to spread the risk wider after Foxconn last year smartphones with scratched metal shells delivered.
In addition, Pegatron, to get the gigantic order, had offered cheaper rates than Foxconn, as analysts told the paper. it did not comment on the report .. About a cheaper iPhone model is speculated because of the strong competition by cheap devices especially by Samsung for a long time.
Foxconn musste die Arbeitsbedingungen in seinen Fabriken in China nach einer Reihe von Selbstmorden aufgrund des großen öffentlichen Drucks verbessern und zahlt seitdem auch höhere Löhne. Das schmälert die Rendite des Konzerns. Nach Angaben von Arbeitsrechtsorganisationen haben seit 2010 insgesamt 13 Arbeiter von Foxconn Selbstmord begangen. Erst im April stürzten sich nach Angaben von China Labor Watch zwei junge Männer und eine Frau in den Tod.
Foxconn employs a total of 1.2 million people in China, the company also supplies many other electronics companies such as Sony and Nokia. Pegatron, named after the flying horse Pegasus, according to the newspaper has about 100,000 employees in Taiwan and China. In the second half of the year, however, the number of employees in China should increase by 40 percent, according to the latest financial director, Charles Lin - according to analysts, a reference to the future production of the cheap iPhones.
Pegatron fertigt laut Bericht bereits einen kleinen Teil des Apple-Smartphones und habe im vergangenen Jahr damit begonnen, das iPad Mini zu produzieren. Das erst 2008 gegründete Unternehmen produziert nach eigenen Angaben auch Computer, Spielekonsolen und Fernseher.
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