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With color, light and decoration: How small rooms look bigger

Hamburg. The space is just too small to make something out of it? For experts, this argument does not count. \"Small rooms are relative,\" says the Hamburg interior designer Ines Wrusch, meaning the claim of the users. \"A room is only too small if you want to use it for something bigger. \"As the size of rooms usually has nothing to change, you have to counteract with tricks.

"the best one is working with optical deceit", says Katharina Semling, Wohnexpertin from Oldenburg. Pointing decorations, beneficial furnishing and clever lighting. in particular but: colour. "Small rooms are larger in bright colors", explains Prof. Harald Braem from the Institute for Color Psychology in Bettendorf, Rhineland-Palatinate. "Just as you can visually draw the ceiling, in which they are painted in darker shades, with the spotlight will be made quite the opposite effect. " White, also in pastels, would like to extend from - and so that the area .

Semling recommends painting door and window reveals or bevels in pure white. If it was colored paper, a narrow white stripe just below the ceiling looks similar. Those who use primary colors should be aware that these too produce spatial effects. \"A dominant red, for example, always comes to us,\" says Braem. \"His impulse is hectic. It tends to displace everything else in the room. \"In small rooms, it should be used with care.

if you too small an area as regards, that means, the reasons for their discomfort to. Interior architect Ines Wrusch explains the example of old building bathrooms, which have often been retrofitted and can sometimes appear almost chess-like in the case of very high ceilings on a small ground plan. "since the proportions not vote, but as soon as you hang the ceiling and plasterboard boards, this again. " Substitutes also help color here: "if you exceed 2, 40 meters the walls dark blue, the same effect. " Because dark color is a burden and the space widens visually.

one further aspect is the establishment of. "On no account should a small room be stuffed with decoration or small stuff", says Semling. "Hospital sterile, however, is just as little. " A collection of decorations on the side opposite the entrance is a good option. Great tiles in the bathroom, disturbing this baroque, large wallpaper pattern. Curtains of light, fluffy substances are again advantageous: "The are no light and to enhance the area", Semling explained .

Es empfiehlt sich, auf große Möbel zu verzichten und nur in Ausnahmefällen über Augenhöhe zu gehen. "Es sollte konsequent im unteren Bereich gearbeitet werden", so Semling. "Und wenn es doch ein hoher Schrank sein muss, dann sollte er besonders oben möglichst hell sein." Verzichten sollte man auch auf Glastische. "Die wirken auf den ersten Blick zwar befreiend transparent, ermöglichen aber auch den Durchblick auf Tischbeine und alles, was sonst noch da unten zu sehen ist." Die optische Ruhe im Raum werde dadurch gestört.

finally , the lights impact. Semling advises, Lighthouses. "As a result, small spaces can be structured into separate areas by themselves. " and it could be an illusion of size. Ines Wrusch recommends so-called Wall Washer, with LED-Lamp walls: "No matter, whether you light with a wall or the whole room ceiling: the area , thereby increasing, as a state. "

With light and with color even the smallest rooms can be made homely. Sparse is the worst alternative, as Semling says: \"A small room looks empty, usually smaller than furnished and with wallpaper. "
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