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iPhone 5s: First benchmarks show twice the performance of the iPhone 5

Together with the iPhone 5s, Apple has also introduced the new A7-SoC. So far, there is not much detail to this new processor, and Apple is still covered, but you can safely assume a better efficiency and also more performance compared to the predecessor A6. In the Internet, even before the official release, first benchmark results popped up which prove that the A7 is significantly faster than the SoC in the iPhone 5.
The benchmark Egypt 2.5 HD (Offscreen) calculates the benchmark for theIphone 5s 5s moviein full-HD resolution, it is about 56 images per second and thus almost twice as fast as the iPhone 5 with 29.8 frames per second. For comparison: the onscreen test that createsIphone 5sg bagat least 53 fps and the iPhone 5 comes to 41, 1 frames per second. These first values ​​should be fundamentally skeptical, but that the A7 delivers more power than the A6 should be at least clearly documented.
For the iPhone 5s Apple opts for the new A7-SOC, where it has implemented a more efficient design in addition to 64-bit features. You can look forward so in addition to the new features also on a faster Smartphone with a longer term. In addition to an improved camera with more light output, there is also a dual-LED flash for more natural colors. The iPhone 5c in turn is almost identical to its predecessor iPhone 5 from technical point of view and hence something offered cheaper than flagship.
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