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iPhone 5S: Privacy protector warns of fingerprint sensor

New Apple-smart phones in the doubly so by working together
With the newIphone5s Tasche RosaApple picks out the PIN number or passwords: The smartphone uses the patented fingerprint sensor, which is designed to simplify users' everyday lives - so consumers can buy more easily on the App Store.
However, this feature does not only have advantages, said the Hamburg data protection officer Prof. Johannes Caspar in the current \"Spiegel\".
The privacy advocates warns that owners of the newIphone 5s touch screenat stake in their biometric data circumvent, including fingerprints is. as long as the storage of this nature could not come out of the digital world .
this is even more serious, as the use of biometric characteristics in the course of life are not changing. "Fingerprints should therefore not be given for everyday authentication procedures, especially if they are stored in a file", warns Caspar .
Ähnliche Kritik kam auch schon direkt bei der Vorstellung des neuen Iphone 5s Black Tpu CaseHowever, Apple asserted that the fingerprint data is only stored locally on the smartphone - they would not be stored centrally on the company's servers.
However, it is unclear what possibilities exist for approaching this data, especially in times of the NSA scandal.
Apple had the new iPhone 5S along with the cheaper iPhone 5C on the 10th. September at an event in Cupertino, California. The smartphone features a fingerprint sensor as well as a 64-bit processor and a new iSight camera with eight megapixels.
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