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Mobile phone at the wheel becomes more expensive

who in the illicitchina mobile phone iphone telefonieren und mit fehlenden Winterreifen erwischt wird, muss künftig 60 Euro statt 40 Euro blechen.
is Determined, the offences in the new system , with the severity with 1, two or three points to be assessed. already monitored , a range of 1 to 7 points. the driving licence will take place after 8 to 18 points from. Points in Flensburg will become statute-barred separately.
With 3 points are recorded, among other things, negligent homicide or drunkenness in traffic. For example, if you turn on the highway, you get 2 points. In Flensburg with 1 point is saved, for example, who despite considerable obstruction by fog, snow or rain outside closed towns during the day without dipped headlights.
The increase in fines for certain infringements had already been signaled in the adoption of the Law on Punctual Form in July. The background is that only dangers that are endangered by safety are to be stored. For this, some infringements that are no longer punctured are becoming more expensive. In addition, the general fine of fines from which offenses in Flensburg are recorded increases from 40 to 60 euros. The regulation also regulates the newly conceived driving certification seminar, which includes transport pedagogical and traffic psychological elements.
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