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Format test: Sony Xperia Tablet Z - lightweight tablet with good qualities

The tablet market is getting tight, but Sony is tackling it with ease: its newest model for the device class, the Xperia Tablet Z, is designed to win buyers with low weight and water resistance. format. at took a closer look at the device over several days and tested it in practice.

Gleich der erste Eindruck: Das Ding ist wirklich sehr leicht, gerade im Vergleich zu anderen Tablets. Ein Blick auf das Faktenblatt (und später auf die Waage) zeigt: Es wiegt 500 Gramm. Das wird unter anderem dadurch erreicht, dass das Tablet besonders dünn ist (knapp sieben Millimeter) sowie durch den massigen Einsatz von Kunststoff. Allerdings wirkt das Xperia Z dadurch weniger stabil als andere Geräte - eine Schutzhülle scheint ratsam. Erstaunlicherweise ist gerade diese Leichtigkeit anfangs irritierend - man ist es offenbar eher gewohnt, schwerer Trümmer in Händen zu halten. Gerade bei längerer Nutzung zahlt sich das geringe Gewicht aber aus. 

Very strong display

The 10, 1 inch Full HD screen (25, 7 inches) delivers very good pictures, the resolution is 1920 by 1200 pixels. Especially the watching of films or TV shows really reminds of the \"real\" TV enjoyment. The touchscreen responds to input well, but not super fast. Sometimes you have to tap the display two or three times to get a reaction. The screen is scratch-resistant, but smeared quite easily - Fat fingers must be careful. Outdoor use is almost impossible with halfway strong light - but that's the case with all devices of this kind. A use in the swimming pool as an e-reader seems to make little sense, except to be concealed or hiding in the locker room.

Why ever swimming pool? Well, the Xperia Tablet Z is waterproof and dustproof, according to Sony, the \"degrees of protection\" IP55 / IP57 were achieved. This means: dust can not harm the thing, nor \"temporary immersion under water\" to a depth of one meter. Also \"water jets\" - from a water pipe - does not matter to the tablet. When testing this water resistance in a sink or. Under the water jet shows: The Tablet really does not get anything. However, care must be taken to close the closures on the sides. So if you really want to take the tablet into the pool, the tub or other liquid-filled containers: An unintentional immersion does not matter.

3D-Sound only conditionally audible

The other features of the Android tablet (version 4.1) are appealing, the 1, 5 GHz Snapdragon processor ensures rapid completion of various tasks. The expected limitations arise with camera and speakers: The 8-megapixel camera is good for snapshots at best, but nothing more. But who wants to take pictures with a tablet?? In the same way one can ask: who wants to listen to music on the tablet? The built-in speakers promise \"3D Sourround Sound\", but the feeling comes only if you let the tablet circle around your own body a few times. Otherwise it is recommended to connect external speakers, for example via Bluetooth.

Regarding other equipment, only the list of shortcuts that dominates the tablet: DLNA, USB, NFC, LTE, HDMI output and so on. The device can also serve as a universal remote control for various other devices, such as the TV. However, we have not tested this function in practice, we have to believe the manufacturer that it works.

battery pack? Well. . . .

The battery should have a useful life of up to ten hours, in practice it showed weaknesses: intensive use of the tablet led to an end after about five hours, when watching videos with higher brightness setting even much earlier. This makes the Xperia Tablet Z no worse than most other tablets in this class, but no better. The device on the back does not get warm, as is the case with comparable models.

Bei geizhals.at derzeit ab rund 480 Euro (Version mit 16 GB, ohne LTE) erhältlich. Zum Vergleich: Das Samsung Note 10.1 kostet dort ab 410 Euro. 


The Sony Xperia Tablet Z is thanks to water resistance and a very good display an interesting alternative to the already established tablets. It is particularly light and thin, there are negatives for camera, battery power and speakers.
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