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This really makes the protection for smartphone and tablet

There are currently about one million Android pests that barely protect Android's security mechanisms. 15 security apps that want to do better in the test. From free to 35 euros per year.
the super-GAU for Android entered early July 2013. Security experts from Bluebox Security had discovered the most serious vulnerability in Google's mobile operating system. The error can be used to manipulate apps, without changing their checksum. this means, Android can no longer distinguish, whether it is the original WhatsApp or a version of Trojans infected. thus a major weakness is precisely the, what the authors of Android-pests wish, because they can uninstalled their viruses and Trojans among the people.
Affected are 99 percent of all Android devices, currently are the world's 90,000,000 smartphones andAndroid Tablet PC. Another bad news for Android users: The threat of malware is growing strongly. The AV-Test security experts, who have also identified the detection performance in this test, are collecting viruses for Android in a large database. Recently, the sound barrier was broken by one million pests. Every month, up to 200,000 are added. Only reliable security apps, of which CHIP 15 for Android has been tested, protect against this.
From free to 35 euros per year
In the test field Apps are collected from 0 to 35 Euro per year, which bring a real virus detection. The apps need at least Android 2.1 or 2.2 and run up to the current Android version. AV-Test has tested the pest detection on Android 4.2.2. Fake apps, which adorn themselves with name additions such as Antivirus or DefendeR, but offer no virus detection, are at least in the German Google Play Store on the decline. Nevertheless, if you do not want to spend money for a Sicherheitsapp accidentally, which turns out in retrospect as Mogelpackung, holds best to known manufacturers.
Criticism goes however also to the well-established anti-virus players for their procedure in the play store. Most paid apps are available for two weeks or one month to the Gratistest. that being manor, however \"forgotten" some manufacturers, the subsequent costs on the description page. at first sight it is for the users ., so the apps are completely free, then , after a few weeks of business and demand money. In our test table you will find therefore all security-The costs incurred each year.
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