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Android Tablet PC Fieldbook E1: with best display in its class

LOGIC INSTRUMENT presents the Fieldbook, its first rugged 10-inch tablet PC running the Android OS. The Fieldbook E1 comes with a world first, which immediately catches the eye: The Tablet PC has thanks to the FieldView Pro technology, the best display in its class. This new development combines several techniques to improve the contrast and appearance, ensuring optimal readability even in direct sunlight.

Strong backlight counteracts the incoming light, while two anti-reflection filters scatter the light and do not directly reflect back to the user. The so-called optical bonding additionally fills the interstices of the display layers and prevents the light rays from being refracted and reflected there. In addition, the optical bonding strengthens the stability of the entire display and contributes significantly to an improved contrast ratio - best view, without having to make any compromises. The capacitive multi-touch screen allows intuitive operation, such as zooming or rotating images and maps. Thanks to optimized firmware, the display can even be conveniently operated with gloves.

The use in the most difficult work environments places special demands on rugged Tablet PCs. The Fieldbook E1 is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding applications. The device protrudes down to 1.80 meters and is IP65 certified. This certifies the device its resistance to the penetration of liquids and dust. The MIL-STD810 certification also ensures the E1's resistance to impacts, vibrations, temperature shocks and salt fog. Despite the high requirements, the Fieldbook E1 is designed to be perfectly handy thanks to its ergonomic design and the super-slim housing, enabling the user to concentrate on his work and his own safety.

The Fieldbook E1 is equipped with its 1.5 GHz processor from Texas Instruments and a gigabyte of RAM for demanding applications. The internal memory can hold up to 64 GB and can be extended by the integrated Micro SDHC card slot. By default, the Tablet PC also includes Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, GPS, an NFC-enabled RFID chip, front and rear camera and various sensors (ambient light, acceleration, gyroscope, e-compass). Optionally, the device can be extended with an integrated 1D / 2D barcode scanner and a WWAN module, optionally 3.5G or 4G. The Smart Lithium Ion battery is powerful with 10,000 mAh and allows continuous operation up to 12 hours.

By all standard connections such as USB, HDMI, audio, or MHL Fieldbook E1 can be quickly and easily with other devices and applications connect. Added the docking station, provides that a pass through GPS antenna has. Optionally, a bottom box on the Dockingconnector can be connected and thus expanding the device more connectivity.
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