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The technical development is progressing: Smartphones have become a part of our lives. Every day about 1500000 products with Android operating system or IOS system are put into operation again, a number that exceeds the total population of Munich. In the fourth quarter of 2012, more than 67, 21 million were produced, an increase of 236.4% compared to the previous year and a plus of all mobile phones 77.9%. Thanks to their very good price-performance ratio, Chinese smartphones are on the rise in Europe.
Our efox-shop online shop is the largest Chinese online shop in Germany. We can offer you smart phones at a very good price-performance ratio. In Germany we have several bearings and some of our products can be shipped directly from Germany. Thus their delivery time is not more than 72 hours. You can click onHandy Shipping from GermanyClick here for more information. If you are interested in our cheap products, such as Chinese smartphones, click onchina phonesfor more information please.
In order to make your purchase free of charge, we offer our customers an excellent customer service: within 10 days you can exchange the products free of charge, within the first three months a free repair is possible with us, and for one year we can have arepair serviceto offer. Even after your purchase from us, our employees will assist you with an excellent after-sale service.
We have Single Core Phones, Dual Core Phones and Quad Core Phones to choose from. In our assortment you can find exactly the mobile phone that suits your wishes and price expectations. We have different display sizes5.0 inches and more, 4.x inch Smart phone, 4.0 inches and smallerand many more Android smartphones on offer.
You can also buy the respective accessories for the mobile phones, eg. B. SD cards, cases, protective films, mobile phone cases, headphones, cables, adapters and much more. Find out everything here.
We wish you a successful shopping! If you have any further questions,please contact us. we will be glad to help you .

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