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Returns and Exchanges

Welcome to the eFox shop.

Please read the following instructions thoroughly before sending any goods back to us.


customs information

Please enter your correct phone number and correct delivery address so that we can contact you as soon as possible with any questions about your order and can help you further. Otherwise, we can only refund 80% of the purchase price (without shipping costs) or deliver the package again, if the package was sent back to us due to wrong phone number or wrong address. If we do not receive the return, we can only send the goods again, but you have to pay the shipping costs yourself.

payment of duty

Whether your shipment is controlled by the customs can not be said with certainty. Should it happen, however, the fees are made up of two parts: import turnover tax and customs charges. The import turnover tax of currently 19% is calculated for all goods with a value of 20 EUR. Customs fees, on the other hand, depend on the type and amount of the value of a product. Only a settlement of the import turnover tax is necessary.


The price of our product is so low and therefore does not include any customs fees and VAT compensation.

But if these fees are calculated by a customs control, we offer you an insurance for its Ersattung. The shipping insurance costs amount to 13% of the value of the goods.

If you choose this insurance during the ordering process and send us a proof of the customs costs, we accept the import turnover taxexclusive capital provision commissionfor her.

Please make sure that you have done all the formalities and paid the sum yourself. Only then do you contact our customer service, which will charge you the cost after confirmation of your payment.

If you have not taken out insurance, you have only two options in case of a customs check: A) You pay the fees or B) Deny their payment. In the latter case, the shipment will be sent back to us. You are responsible for the freight and refund.


If you no longer wish to receive the package and your package is not yet dispatched,[email protected]and they will help you to cancel your order. In contrast, if your package is already shipped, we will agree to cancel your order. But they could reject the package. After we received the package well. Let us return your money without shipping costs.

In order to protect your rights, please do not forget to check the delivered items for completeness and condition after receiving your goods. If something is missing or the goods were delivered incorrectly or broken down as display fragmentation please sit downWithin 24 hourswith our customer service, indicating the delivery location and the weight of the goods.

If we do not receive a complaint about the delivery time from you, we automatically assume that you have received your order on time. We ask for your understanding that we can no longer accept complaints after this time.

Dear customer, please acknowledge the goods after checking the post package. If you find that the parcel is damaged, please refuse the shipment and contact us.If you can not confirm the postage package yourself, please pick up the carton of the product. If the product has been damaged during shipment by the supplier, we will be able to reclaim our losses at the post office using the photographs you have made and then send you a new product. We thank you for your help and cooperation.

Paragraphs for distribution of the products on the Efox shop website


Warranty Warranty Efox Shop
Defect category Product category Warranty Period completion comment
Customers do not like the device for personal reasons. Special production (wedding dresses, cosplay etc. ) 0 - 7 days Customer pays for transport costs himself and receives 50% of the original value of the goods. The warranty period is calculated after the customer has received his goods.
Samrtphones and tablets 0 - 3 days The customer can return the device to the Efox-Shop after consultation and confirmation from the customer service that the goods for another sale is not a problem, the goods are still still as new and the mobile phone is not yet activated. Customer will be responsible for transport costs themselves and will be refunded 70% of the original value of the goods after we have received the mobile phone and have not noticed any problem.

Wrong product obtained,

Incomplete delivery

all products

0 - 15 days


As soon as we have received our goods from the customer, they will receive a refund or a new dispatch. We will be responsible for return transport costs. As a shipping method for transport costs to China, please select Deutsche Post Normal. The customer service is entitled to request a video or photo-file to determine if there is a hardware or software error, which can also be remedied directly on the spot. It is recommended to open the goods directly in front of the post office and to check immediately whether there is a defect which may have been caused by the transport, for which the post office can be held responsible. For the return transport to the customer, we choose the snail mail, but if the customer insists that the goods should be shipped by DHL Express, he or she has to pay for customs duties incurred in Germany.

Display fragmentation:

If you have a broken / broken display, please contact us within 48 hours as soon as you receive the package. This is the date on which you received your device from the post office. Please send an e-mail[email protected]With order number and photo-proof. We will send you a new one after we receive our goods.



Smartphones and tablets 365 days

Repair in China:All products should be shipped to China for repair.

The customer service is entitled to a proof video resp. request photo to determine if a hardware or. There is a software error which can be eliminated on site.

Efox Shop will pay for the return transport costs, which is 1/2.

0 - 15 days: 1. Customer will send Defective device for repair to China and get it repaired. 2. Customer sends defective device for repair to China and gets a new device back.

16-365 days: Customer will send Defective Device to China for repair and get these repaired. Customer comes for the outward and return shipping costs. In addition, customers should pay the cost of repairing the screen, battery, motherboard, if these accessories are broken.You will be refunded a maximum of 15 € for the repair if you repair the mobile phone in restaurants.


1) 0-7 days for repair and replacement in case of defect is the cost of goods, round-trip shipping and customs insurance.Danger: 1. Please select the German Post. 2. Capital provision commission on customs duty and EUSt, VAT on capital provision commission are not reimbursed. 3. You will be refunded a maximum of 15 € for transport to China.

2) For the return transport to the customer we choose DHL Express, customer have to pay for arising customs duties.

For display repairs, customers themselves have to pay for the cost of purchasing a new display. The customer will be charged for this on request.

2-1) If the display is damaged, the customer must pay for the purchase of a new display. The repair itself is free. If there are defects, malfunctions, quality problems, the repair is also free.

2-2) Customer may not take out his own device without permission, rooten etc. Otherwise, you lose any Gearntieanspruch. Only on instructions Efox official site with instructions from such steps may be made. In this case, the warranty still exists.

  Smartphones and tablets      / Contact customer service:[email protected]By arrangement, if device is repairable send to China. The customer will be responsible for the transport costs and return their goods after repair.
Warranty period expired
Defective signs could not be confirmed all products The customer himself is responsible for the transport costs and receives returned goods unrepaired.
Return to us without agreement or. notification The customer himself is responsible for the transport costs and receives returned goods unrepaired.
customs duties    

With a customs insurance we come up for accruing customs fees (report with the customer service).
Ansosnten itself must pay for this for itself.


For no fault of the fault   0 - 7 days

Customer receives the refund or a new device. Efox will pay for back-to-back costs.


Smart watch
8 - 90 days

Efox exchanges a similar device for the customer at no extra cost and charges for outward and return shipping costs.


91 - 365 days

Efox exchanges a similar device for the customer at no extra cost and charges for outward and return shipping costs.


For no fault of the fault Action Camera 0 - 7 days

Efox exchanges a same device for the customer at no extra cost.

efox is for back and forth costs.

14 - 365 days

Efox exchanges a same device for the customer at no extra cost. Customer gets up for back and forth costs.


For no fault of the fault Toys like plane, vehicle etc. 0 - 7 days

Efox will exchange a similar device for the customer at no extra cost. Efox comes for return shipping costs.


> = 8 days

Efox offers no guarantee and no free exchange for this case. The costs for this are directed by the customer to the customer service.


For no fault of the fault RC products such as helicopters (large 0 - 7 days

Efox exchanges a similar device for the customer at no extra cost and charges for outward and return shipping costs.


8 - 183 days

Efox offers the customer the guarantee. Customer arrives for return shipping costs.


More than 183 days

Efox offers no guarantee in this case. The customer is responsible for the repair costs for the customer service. Customer will pay for the return shipping cost.


Due to faulty reasons with the defect


all products / Customer will pay for the cost of repair and return shipping.

Smart Watch After Sale Policy

I. Transport regulations:

1) If the goods are lost during transport, we will come back to the customer after checking for a new shipment.

2) If the goods are damaged during transport, so that proper use is no longer guaranteed, the customer will receive a new consignment with the same content after proof has been submitted.  The shipping costs are borne by us.

II. operation rules

For a wrong or incomplete delivery, the customer receives a new consignment with the same content after verification and proof of delivery. The shipping costs are borne by us.


1) For quality damage to personal negligence, there is no compensation.

In detail, the following applies:

a. There is no compensation for the separate dismantling of the watch.

b.  If damage to lead to exceeding the water resistance there is no compensation.

c.  For external damage caused by improper use, there is no compensation.

2) The following provisions shall apply to quality defects which are to be attributed to the device itself:

a. Within 7 days after receipt of the goods, the customer is reimbursed after checking his money or a new shipment. We bear the shipping costs.

b.  Within 7-30 days after receipt of goods customer receives after checking a new shipment.  We pay the shipping costs.

c.  Within 1-3 months after receipt of goods customer gets a free repair in China provided by us.  The shipping costs to China are borne by the final consumer himself.

The shipment to the final consumer after repair from China are carried by us.

d.  Within 3-12 months after receipt of the goods customer gets a free repair in China provided by us.  The shipping costs to China and back to the end user

by the end user himself.

e. After 12 months, you have no right to any compensation more.

Refund policy

General principle

Below is the standard return policy of the Efox shop web site, this policy is only concerned with products purchased on the Efox shop website.

If a customer wishes to return his goods, he / she must send the goods via the Deutsche Post as an insured letter to China within the prescribed period and send us the tracking number. In the situations listed below, the customer is not allowed to return the goods. If he / she does so, the goods will be returned by Efox-Shop to the customer and the customer is obligated to pay for the transportation costs or maintenance costs incurred.

  • * Any product not purchased from Efox Shop
  • * Any product without a valid identification and serial number including, but not limited to, serial number loss, property damage, correction or other circumstance not indentifiable situation.
  • * Any product without complete accessories, accessories are shipping container, user manual, battery, charger, wire and others supplied with the delivery.
  • * Self-indebtedness due to incorrect handling, poor storage or damage.
  • * Any product that has already been submitted for refund

Procedure for the refund of the goods

1. Customer submits refund

Please send an email[email protected]to request and present a refund. The application should have the following information to help us solve your problems even faster: order number, product SKU, refund reason, photo proof of product quality problem, and your preferred solution method (refund, new shipment, discount coupon as compensation and others).

2. Customer must return the goods to the specified address.

Once your application for refund has been approved, please send it with your order number. Please send us the complete goods with accessories to the return address given by us. Make sure that the order number is affixed to the shipping pack so that we can handle your refund accurately and promptly.

Efox Shop agrees to pay for the round trip transportation costs of your refund if the products are within the warranty period. Please pay the shipping costs for the time being. After we have received and verified the refund, we will refund you the transport costs. For products out of warranty, customers must pay for the shipping cost of the refund.

Try to offer us an order number if possible during the return. Efox Shop accepts no liability for packages lost during the return process.

Danger: Customer will be refunded only 50% of the price of the goods, if the customer has not returned the parcel to the specified address.

3. Efox shop receives the return, processing

After we have received the return from you, we will check it and Efox Shop will repair the goods depending on the situation and send them back to you, send you back the product or refund the money. Please look for the concreteness on the \"Efox shop website rules for Produktvertieb\".


Warranty terms

 Exchange within 15 days:

1. Within 15 days the smartphone is exchangeable with the same model and color, this provision applies from receipt of the product.


2. The defect that has been reported by the customer must be present. If this is a hidden defect, please contact the After Sales Center to check the defect immediately. If this defect exists and the appearance and wear of the device is undamaged, we will replace it.


3. If there is a software error, please contact our customer service. We will provide you with a solution as soon as possible. an update package, update package,

Language package. If the solutions offered are not helpful, you must return the device to us to solve the problem. We will pay for the shipping costs.


4. If the LCD screen 1-3 displays dead pixels, then it is not considered a quality problem and is excluded from the scope of the warranty or replacement delivery.

If it displays more than 3 dead pixels and the problem is not self-inflicted, then the device can be changed.


5. If there is any wear on the external appearance or scratches on the smartphone, we can grant a discount or exchange the device. Should the problems mentioned be extreme, then the exchange is excluded.


6.   If you have lost the warranty card, the label on the smartphone or the measurement is damaged or you have removed the label yourself, replacement is not possible.


7.    If there is a quality problem with the package including headphones, charger, charging cable, battery, which is not self-inflicted, so we will exchange it within a month.


1 year warrantydetermination:

8.    If the device itself has a software or hardware failure due to quality issues, we will repair it for free. 1 year we can repair the hardware for free. Software errors can be repaired for a lifetime for free.


9. If the damage is self-inflicted, such as by falling, by the contact with liquid and / or moisture or by independent action, the device to open, then a repair is excluded from us. The external appearance of the smartphone such as mobile phone bags, covers, menu buttons and other external damage or wear parts are excluded from the scope of the warranty or replacement delivery.


10.    The label of the device is damaged, the invoice does not match with the device or you have the device gerooted at your own risk, then the device has made a linguistic system changes or it is no longer connectable, so we can do it for you repair, but you bear for this the resulting repair costs.


11.    After warranty service, we will provide maintenance, after which we can repair the unit and you will be reimbursed for the incurred repair costs.


Notes to the repairer:

1. If you want to send the device to us for service or to correct it, make sure that you have all your files stored on an external card. Our After Sales Center does not take responsibility for lost files during the repartur.


2.     If the device has come in contact with liquid and / or moisture, dropped or compressed or extremely shaken, or the damage was repaired or disassembled, it is considered as self-inflicted and the after sales service does not ask for repair. Damage to the outer shell (such. B. the case, menu button, lens damage, back cover, touch screen scratches, scratches and cracking, etc. ) are excluded from the scope of the warranty or replacement.


3. Should the customer independently roam the smartphone, change internal documents of the smartphone can lead to a malfunction or cause of the hardware problems that arise. Problems and defects are considered self-inflicted and therefore we do not come for repair, however you can It claims and the costs incurred for this you meet yourself.


4.    Should the following problems arise after using the smartphone, such as dust, white dots, pixel errors, etc. and further defects arise so these are not processed by After Sale.


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