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5.0-5.5 inches

5.0-5.5 inches

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As the name QuadCore already says, the mobile phone has a four core CPU memory. The processor is the heart of a mobile phone. In the market, mobile phones usually already have a dual core or quad core, which points to a multi-core CPU core. This includes an aSMP and an SMP. SMP shows that the multi-core cores together use the identical frequency and electric voltage to accomplish their task. ASMP, on the other hand, uses an identical or different frequency and electrical voltage and processes the commands independently, thus avoiding unnecessary energy consumption. The difference between SMP and aSMP is that the CPU operates as a single unit in SMP. It ends regardless of how many tasks it is, first the one task before it starts with the next one. It is similar to the computer CPU. The CPU works autonomously on the aSMP and can process different tasks simultaneously. As long as the first CPU is not fully loaded, the second CPU is busy with other tasks or is resting and is not started. Only when the first CPU is fully loaded, the second CPU intervenes and relieves the first CPU. So it is not true if you have a core more that you can not do a job at the same time. Quad-core phones have a four-core processor. Other special features are that a quad core works faster than a dual core and that they come close to the functions of a PC.
As a result of the continuous development and expansion of mobile phones, dual coreAndroid phonesNow no longer satisfy the buyer, so it is an inevitable trend that the mobile phones continue to develop into multi-core cores. After single and dual core, we will now have a bit more to do with the quad core. In this age, the quad-core mobile phone has become a everyday consumer product. In the age of quad-core mobile phones, many people are concerned about how to get the first one to enjoy a quad-core smartphone and its functions. Nowadays, the QuadCore smartphone has become a static symbol.
Our efox-shop now also operates new quad-core smartphones. EFOX-shop has a variety of sound products and a perfect customer. Our company always adheres to business philosophy, the customer is king and we are always sought to make the best. in the field of services and quality of products , we offer for the benefit of the perfect. we have a variety of smart phones to the vote. From the viewpoint of view, smartphones from 3.5 inches to 6 inches have all-embracing. for a service of view we have the followingExchange policywithin 10 days free exchange applies, within 3 months free warranty service applies and within one year is paid repair, so you can safely go shopping with us.
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