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Survey: iPhone 5S in silver, gray or gold?

Apple offers thatiphone 5s new without contractnot only in three memory sizes, but also for the first time in three color options. The rumors of the last few weeks have been confirmed and in addition to silver and space gray, the iPhone 5S can also be ordered from Friday in gold.
Aus Schwarz beim iPhone 5 wurde Spacegrau beim Iphone 5s Black Tpu Case. Apple has apparently taken the criticism that the black iPhone 5 looks very fast \"used\" and a gray model (gray frame and gray back plate) brought to market. In the case of the silver model, there is visually no difference to the iPhone 5 Penadant.
Stay the iPhone 5S Gold. We could do the goldenIphone5s Protective Silicone Blackin the hands-on area after the Apple Keynote last week to try a little. The \"gold\" leaves a noble and at the same time discreet impression. When the first rumors about the iPhone 5S Gold appeared a few weeks ago, we initially had the feeling that Apple could overshoot the target with this color. The opposite is the case. The device looks high quality and we will not shake the feeling that this color could develop into a secret \"racer\".
how do you see it? What color do you like the iPhone 5S? Silver, gold or space gray? Leave us your vote in the poll.
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