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IPhone 5S: Fingerprint scanner - a good compromise or bad idea?

Apple itself is, of course, convinced that it would be a good idea, better than anyIPhone 5s 3d envelopescompletely without any protection - with the protection level of a four-digit number code already questionable. And after all, about half of themIphone 5s Wifi antennaUsers have so far for the most part disregarded the code bar for convenience. For exactly this, Apple has installed the fingerprint sensor and it naturally sounds like a solution that offers more security without compromising comfort. At least in theory. Bruce Schneier also calls this type of authentication a good compromise between security and convenience.
So a great idea?Not really, at least not in the view of Hamburg Data Protection Commissioner Johannes Caspar and attorney Udo Vetter.Compared to the mirror, the privacy advocates from Hamburg spoke clearly against such techniques:
Biometric features can not be deleted. They accompany us all our lives. Fingerprints should therefore not be given for everyday authentication procedures, especially if they are stored in a file.
That's a fundamental rejection, which is no other arguments need to be, as the question of where the fingerprints - and the unique IDs generated from them - end up at the end.Apple says that they are saved on the device only and no app has access to it.But even if it were otherwise, and some US intelligence would get this data, then Apple is likely the unlikely blab.
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