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HP Slate 7 price cut fires broadside over Nexus 7

The Android tablet PC market is fiercely competitive, with new products being released again and again mainly at the lower end of the spec area. This is not to say that it does not have some great devices at some mocking prices, and now the HP Slate 7 Preisskung fires a Breitseite over the Nexus 7.

while the nexus 7. May is celebrating its first birthday with a new model on the horizon , it is still the leading, when it comes to 7-customs-Android slate comes, but HP has draufgelegt with a price on the HP Slate 7.

The device will only be in April, but now you can pick up the 8GB version for only $ 139, 99 or the 16GB model is priced at $ 169.99. This works at a savings of 17, 6% for the 8GB or 15% for the 16GB model, and at the time of writing the pricing is only impacting the US market with pricing still at the original level on the UK HP Storage.

there is no indication, whether this is a temporary offer or a lasting reduction, but for your money , you have a 7-customs-with a display of 1024 x 600, of a dual-Core ARM Cortex 9-Processor is supplied with current 1, 6 GHz with 1 GB of RAM.

Das Gerät ist auch mit dem Android 4.1 Android Jelly Bean Betriebssystem und kommt mit einer 3-Megapixel-Kamera hinten sowie eine VGA-Einheit auf der ganzen Front. Während einige der Spezifikationen für das HP Slate 7 nicht ganz übereinstimmen bis zum Nexus 7, hat es, dass alle wichtigen microSD-Kartenslot für zusätzlichen Speicherplatz, und jetzt ist ein bisschen billiger.

Is this price dropping enough for you to consider the HP Slate 7 now?
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