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Congratulations on mobile phone in the CDU-Hochburg

That the FDP on Sunday from the German Bundestag has flown, did not surprise Thomas Redelberger. \"I expected that", said the Heusweiler mayor yesterday at the review on the Bundestagswahl. \"People remember the big parties, after protest voters have seen, the small parties is not much", commented the CDU-Man the additions of Christ- and the Socialists. Redelberger has also reckoned with it, that his party colleague Nadine Schön her direct mandate in the constituency 298 St. Wendel defended, to which the municipality of Heusweiler belongs.
the voters have honoured, that the 30-Year strong presence in the constituency, also in the Köllertal community. In 21 of the 24 Heusweiler polling stations Nadine Schön lay ahead in the fight for the first vote, in three election locations (Dilsburg, wood, Wahlschied ) raised its fiercest competitor, the SPD-Candidate Christian Petry, better. The two competitors from the municipality of Heusweiler, Oliver Luksic from the FDP and Iris Langguth from the Greens, their expectations were. Luksic was much less present in the region compared to Nadine Schön, said Redelberger. And that Iris Langguth did not make a better result, it is due to their party .
Iris Langguth sees this as well, as it had yesterday seen in conversation with the Saarbrücken newspaper. \"Violent results" the Sunday for the Greens / European Free Alliance have been, the 53-years. The Bundesgrüne had the wrong focus and perhaps also the wrong persons: \"The voters wiped us out. " Iris Langguth was also disappointed by her own results. in the Bundestag elections in 2009 , it still more than 6 000 votes, this time there were less than 3800. you have made little campaign, admitted the operator, \"But I have profession and family and also not the financial resources like the candidates of the big parties".
Der Püttlinger Bürgermeister Martin Speicher erhielt noch am Wahlabend Glückwünsche aus Frankreich zum glänzenden Wahlergebnis, das Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel mit ihrer Partei eingefahren hat. „Um 19.15 Uhr hat mein China cell phonering the Bell. Bernard Zunino, the Mayor of our partner community in St Michel sur Orge, congratulated personally", memory is reported. He was pleased that the Köllertalstadt "still remains a stronghold of the CDU".
Memory colleague Klaus Häusle, that Riegelsberg with the results of the parties in the country- and Bundestrend. the large parties have vote, the smaller lost. Surprised, he noted, that Anette Hübinger (CDU) defended the direct mandate in the constituency 296. \"The left have lost a lot, I would have thought, that the SPD-Candidate Elke Ferner could benefit from this", said Hausle. in addition , the result of the Bundestag elections have no impact on the local election of the 25. May next year ., Häusle said .
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