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Gmail for iOS, Android and Desktop should get a big update - this is new

According to a report by Android Police, Google is to publish a major update for Gmail next Wednesday, which will be run on both iOS and Android as well as for the desktop. Already in advance, numerous information about the coming version has come to the public, which we will not withhold you from you.

Gmail: the new label, Autocategorization and more

As Ron Amadeo of Android Police reports, we are equipping the new Gmail with several inboxes, called Smart Labels, which divide inbound mail into categories such as Primary Inbox, Social, Promotions, Updates and Forums. For example, if I receive a notification from Twitter that a new person is following or has mentioned me, that mail will end up in the \"social\" tab.. If a mail has accidentally landed in the wrong folder, it can also be edited and moved manually afterwards. If this new categorization is too much of a good thing, you can completely disable it.

The new label will wrden implemented on different platforms in different ways: On the Desktop Tabs are used on Android subfolders are used in the sidebar, in iOS they are placed as a list in the sidebar.In addition, the Gmail app for Android will appear in a new design - the navigation bar is pushed with a swipe gesture, as is already the case in some new Google Apps (Google Music and Google+).

The Gmail redesign will be released in the course of the Wednesday afternoon (CEST). It is already noticeable, which Google still weeks after the Google I / O so everything at updates and new products from the sleeve conjures up. In a few weeks Android 4.3 and a white Nexus 4 are expected. Continue rumors, we should be able to expect an improved Nexus 7 tablet during July.
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