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Format-Test: Sony Xperia Tablet Z - light tablet with user qualities

The tablet market is getting tight, but Sony is the matter with a certain ease: its latest model for the device class, the Xperia Tablet Z is to win with a low weight and water resistance the buyers. Format.at has looked at the device for several days more closely and tested in practice.

The very first impression: This thing is really very easy, especially when compared to other tablets.A view of the fact sheet (and later on the scale) shows that it weighs 500 grams.This will be achieved, inter alia, that the tablet is very thin (less than seven millimeters) as well as by the massive use of plastic.However, the Xperia Z thus acts less stable than other devices - a protective sheath seems advisable.Amazingly, this is just the beginning ease irritating - one is obviously more used to keep heavy debris in hands.Especially for extended use, the light weight pays off, however.

Very strong display

The 10.1 inch full HD screen (25.7 cm) provides very good images, the resolution is 1920 x 1200 pixels. Especially the watching of films or TV shows really reminds of the "real" TV enjoyment. The touch screen responds to inputs well, but not outstanding fast. Sometimes you have to tap on the display two or three times to get a reaction. The screen is scratch-resistant, smearing on the other hand but also quite easy - fat fingers must be careful. In the open, a use is almost impossible with a strong incidence of light - but this is so with all devices of this kind. A use in the swimming pool as an e-reader seems to be of little use, unless you are hiding or hiding in the dressing room.

Why use swimming pool?Well, the Xperia Tablet Z is waterproof and dustproof, according to Sony, the "protection" IP55 / IP57 were thereby achieved.This means that dust can harm the thing, nor "temporary immersion under water" to a depth of one meter.Even "water jet" - about a water pipe - makes the tablet from nothing.When testing this water resistance in a sink or under the water jet is shown: The tablet really get nothing from.However, care must be taken to close the shutters on the sides.So who wants to take the tablet in the pool, the bathtub or in other liquid-filled containers: An accidental submersion does not matter.

3D sound only partially audible

The other features of the Android tablet (version 4.1) are appealing, the 1.5 GHz Snapdragon processor ensures fast handling of various tasks. The limitations of the camera and loudspeakers are as follows: The 8 megapixel camera is good for snapshots, but not more. But who wants to take photos with a tablet? One can also ask: Who wants to listen to music on the tablet? The built-in loudspeakers promise \"3D Sourround Sound\", but the feeling is only if the tablet is circling a few times around its own body. Otherwise, it is recommended to connect external speakers, for example, via Bluetooth.

With regard to other equipment, only the list of abbreviations that the tablet is capable of: DLNA, USB, NFC, LTE, HDMI output and so on. The unit can also be used as a universal remote control for various other devices, such as the TV. However, we have not tested this function in practice, we must believe the manufacturer that it works.

Battery?Well ....

The battery should have a useful life of up to ten hours, in practice he showed weaknesses: Intensive use of the tablet led to an end after about five hours, while watching videos with higher brightness setting even much earlier.Thus, the Xperia Tablet Z is in this respect no worse than most other tablets of this class, but not better.For this, the device is not at the rear of temperature as is the case in comparable models.

Available at geizhals.at currently from approximately 480 euros (with 16 GB version without LTE).For comparison: The Samsung Note 10.1 there costs from 410 euros.


The Sony Xperia Tablet Z is an interesting alternative to the already established tablets thanks to its water resistance and a very good display. It is particularly light and thin, there are minus points for camera, battery power and loudspeakers.
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