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Car camera

Car camera

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2.5 inch Car Video Camera Night Vision SC189

2.5 inch Car Video Camera Night Vision SC189

€20.99 €9.99


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Car DVRcan called Schwarzbox auto werden.Mit aid of engine, this unit can accommodate Vedio so can be stored the environment and the voice, if you happened to his car installieren.Wenn a chance this machine, the materials of this device can be used as uses evidence werden.Nach the installation of this device, all images and sounds of the
Environment are listed, there is a sensor in this device, when the impact force is greater than the set value of the sensor, then operate this unit, it will absorb all the information, this information may randomly can bentzen.Man the Beweiss the device can benutzen.Man as recorders use this device while driving and take it all information from this trip, then this device is a black Box.Man can use the device at home as a DV or as a security product.
ä¸ ??, funct ons
1.can preserve the right of the driver, because there are many people who do not obey the traffic rules, this phenomenon often leads to traffic accident and they believe that the driver
for this random führen.Wenn to use the device, you can use the materials of which as evidence.
2.Man can Vedio or pictures which look completely, then the police can determine who is responsible for this case, then the police can save time and may well the duty of
determine the case.
3. If the device in anyheadrest dvdare, the driver, the transport rule does not verletzten.Die rate of the traffic accident is less.
4. If the Court sentenced the traffic accident, the judge can refrain the Beweisse from the device, then the result of the judgment wrid legally and fairly, and the insurance company
Can also be measured with the substances that damage.
5. If the driver pushes on Robbery, this unit can record the details of the process, for example, the appearance of the robber, the situation of the environment and others, this may be the most important thing.
6.The people who want to travel, can use this unit as a DV, with which he can take anything from this trip, then this device is a black box.
Can 7.Man the device at homeDVuse or as a security product.
äº ??, construction
The head building DVR is:
(1) The main part: there processor, data storage, Clock, Display, Power button Ausdrucker, cable and andere.Wenn it in the body of any display, Ausdrucker, then there is the matching outputs.
(2) sensor of the speed of the car
(3) The data analysis software
(4) infrared camera, these are important as a part of the night vision function.
The type of DVR
1.Auto recorder: we share this recorder in Type 2, the rear view mirror car recorder and car recorder data, these two Type are easy to use.
2.Full Car DVR: this device is put full feature Ask and can in the space of the car!
3.The size of the screen: 1.5 inch, 2.0 inch, 2.4 inch, 2.5 inch, 3 inch, 3.5 inch and others.
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