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Dash cam

Dash cam

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car PDRcan be referred to as a black box of car. With the help of engine, this device can record Vedio, this will enable the environment and the vote will be stored, if you install this machine in your car. if an accident happened, the substances of this equipment to be used as evidence. the installation of this equipment can all of the pictures and sound
environment quoted, there is a sensor in this unit, if the momentum greater than the value of the carrier is minded, function of this equipment, it will include all the information, this information can randomly use the proof. You can use the recorder as a recorder. it would be the driving use this equipment and all the information on this journey, then this equipment is a black box. You can use the device at home as DV or as a security product.
ä¸ ??, sparks Onen
1. can the right of the drivers preserve, because there are many people, the rules do not obey, this phenomenon often leads to the traffic coincidence and they mean, that the drivers
this coincidence lead. the equipment used ., we can use it as proof of the substances .
2. You can see the Vedio or pictures of it completely, we will then be able to define the police, who is responsible for this case, the police to save time and it may well the duty of
the case .
3. If the device is in anykopfstützen dvdwill, the drivers will not violate the traffic rules. The rate of the traffic incident becomes less.
4.Wenn der Gerichtshof die Verkehrsunfall verurteilt,können die Richter davon die Beweisse von dem Gerät nehmen,dann wrid die Ergebnis von dem Urteil rechtlich und fair und die Versicherungsfirma
can also with the material damage to unreasonable .
5. When the driver hits Robbery, this device the details of the process to include, for example , the appearance of the predators, the situation of the environment and other, these are the most important thing .
6. the people, we want to make, can use this device as DV, with which he can accept all of this journey, then this equipment is a black box .
7. it would be the machine at home andDVuse or Sicherheitsprodukt .
äº ??, building
The main setup of DVR is:
(1)the bulk: processor, the retention of data, Clock, Display, operation button, Ausdrucker, cable and other. if the bulk of any display, Printout, then there is the appropriate exits .
(2)carrier of the speed of the cars
(3)The software of data analysis
(4)Infrared camera, these are important as a part of the night vision-.
The type of DVR
1. Car recorder: this recorder is divided into 2 types, the car mirror and the data recorder, these two types are easy to use.
2. Full Auto DVR: this unit is full function and can put in the space of the car!
3. the size of the display: 1.5 customs, 2.zero customs, 2.4 customs, 2.5 customs, three inches, 3.5 customs and other .
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